Tomei ProCam 274 282 Cams for Nissan GTR VR38


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Tomei’s ProCam spec camshafts are designed for high performance and high power Nissan GT-R builds. The cams are available in 274 or 282 duration and both features 11.30 cam lift (11mm valve lift). These are far more aggressive than stock and require upgraded valve springs!

The TOMEI ProCam is designed with their proprietary VALC technology, optimizing velocity and acceleration. This technology gives higher lift other profiles with similar duration and reduces stress on the valvetrain.

Tomei pre-sets the valve timing to work seamlessly with the stock computer so variable cam timing is enabled!

Fits Nissan GT-R with VR38DETT Engine.

Sold as a set of 4 (2 intake and 2 exhaust cams)
TOMEI 274 PRO CAM Package contains TA301C-NS01B and?TA301E-NS01B
TOMEI 282 PRO CAM Package contains?TA301C-NS01C and?TA301E-NS01C

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