Platinum Racing Crank & Cam Trigger Kit for RB25 RB26



Nissan RB25 and RB26 use a factory CAS module for cam and crank triggers. This module is notoriously unreliable, and when working still outputs a not-so-great signal. You can witness the choppy output by simply hooking a timing light up and watching the crank output, both with stock computer or aftermarket. The Platinum Racing Crank Trigger and Cam Trigger Kit replaces the stock CAS with a proper CAS Bracket with integrated Cam Trigger, and then adds a Crank Trigger to the crank.

By having the crank signal from the actual crankshaft (unlike stock setup that gets crank signal from cam… linked by a rubber timing belt!) you get precision ignition timing control which is essential in high power and high RPM engines!

The cherry hall effect magnetic pickup timing gear sensor is now the industry benchmark, the cam sensor bracket is light and simple and incorporates the use of a smaller more discreet cherry sensor.

The crank trigger gear will work with any balancer.

Design Features:

Billet alloy bracket.
Engineered timing gear with incorporated trigger disc.
Gear works with any known balancer.
Bolt kit included.
Lifetime warranty on all Platinum Racing Products hardware.

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