Nitto Billet RB Timing Gear Kit for RB26 RB20/RB25/RB30


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Billet RB Timing Gear and Washer Kit
Gear: Nitto Performance Engineering?s Billet RB Series Timing Gear replaces the factory sintered steel item that is utilised by Nissan on all RB engines, adding another level of security in this critical area. Additionally, Nitto has incorporated threaded holes into the gears front face to aid in easier removal using a puller should it be required.
Suitable for all RB20/25/26/30 engines.
Kit: Nitto Performance Engineering?s Billet RB Series Timing Gear and Washer Kits are designed and manufactured with high horsepower, high revving RB26 and Nitto RB30 3.2L Stroker drag racing engines in mind. In addition to the benefits of our 4340 Billet RB Series Timing Gear, this kit also features EN26 billet steel washers that sit either side of the timing gear.
These washers do not collapse and crush under the extremely high-pressure loads applied to them by multiple forces including the 350ft/lb torque figure applied to the bigger RB26 style harmonic balancer bolt.
As the factory Nissan washers are only stamped mild steel, they are not able to maintain their integrity under the high load conditions applied from fast acceleration, high rpm?s and a properly torqued Harmonic Balancer. The factory washers eventually ?squash? which reduces the torqued pressure on the Harmonic Balancer assembly. This can cause the Balancer to ?spin? which has become a common problem in this style of engine. In addition to these components, Nitto also manufactures 4340 billet steel woodruff keys that complement the assembly.
An ARP RB26 Harmonic Balancer bolt and washer kit is also recommended as a minimum for use with these components.
**Note: The rear face of the Harmonic Balancer will require a minor modification to allow installation and correct alignment of this kit.

Fits RB20 RB25 RB26 and RB30 engines.

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