Hi Octane Racing Cast Oil Pan Sump Extension for RB26


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The Hi Octane Racing oil pan sump extension was originally designed off the Gibson Motorsport Winfield winning GT-R’s and was also used on the Hi Octane Racing R32 GT-R for tarmac rallies, circuit racing & drag racing for many years.

Rest easy knowing your Nissan Skyline RB26DETT engine will have sufficient oil with 3 swinging gates keeping oil at the oil pickup at all times! Another huge benefit of the oil sump extension is added capacity, reaching 8.5 to 9.0L total capacity!

For many years the oiling system has been the achilles heel of the RB26 engine causing many catastrophic engine failures often the first time the vehicle ventures anywhere near a racetrack. The standard RB26 sump is barely adequate for an engine producing 206kw under road conditions. Once this horsepower is increased so too are the G forces and once this is coupled with sustained high RPM experienced under race conditions the standard sump will run low on oil and what little oil is in the sump will be splashed away from the pickup which usually results in engine failure. We have been manufacturing fabricated sumps for quite some time but these are both expensive and time consuming to manufacture, so we have introduced these cost effective cast versions.

The Hi Octane Racing sump extension does not hang as low as other competing products so it is excellent for lowered cars.

Note: This product must be fitted by a professional as the factory sump has to cut and the extension welded on. If this is not done correctly the sump can get damaged and no longer be usable. Installed versions are available as a complete oil pan, please see link below!

Increases sump capacity to 8.5-9L
3 swinging gates for superior oil control
Provision for oil return fitting

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