ARP L19 Head Stud Kit for Nissan 370Z G37 VQ37


Discontinued, see notes below.

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ARP L19 head studs offer maximum clamping force for your VQ37 (and VQ35HR) cylinder heads to block. If your Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37 is getting built to handle serious power then be sure to include L19 head studs in your build! These are used in all of Dynosty’s high performance VQ37 engine builds.

Warning: Do not take L19 studs out of wrappers and leave open to elements.
Do not touch L19 head studs with bare hands.

Install note: Torque the ARP L19 head studs to 90-95 ft/lbs in three stages.

Fits: VQ35HR and VQ37

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