VQ35HR Plug and Play Standalone Haltech Elite

Dynosty VQ35HR Plug and Play Standalone Haltech Elite

Dynosty has offered a Plug and Play solution for the Nissan 350Z VQ35HR for some time, and it’s better than ever with the recent update to Haltech Elite 2500 EMS! This custom Haltech Elite VQ35HR standalone system offers live fuel and ignition control as well as additional features including:
Onboard Map Sensor
Onboard Logging
Advanced Boost Control
Bank-Specific O2 Control with cell-by-cell long term learning
Knock Control with cell-by-cell learning
Fuel Pressure Compensation
Fuel Pump Staging
Nitrous Control
and much much more!
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Dynosty Uprev Dyno Tuned Nissans

Saturday we had the chance to work on and dyno tune two very nice 350Zs. First, Matt arrived with his silver 2008 Nissan 350Z, powered by a VQ35HR with intake and exhaust. With Uprev pro tuner, Hal was able to improve the drivability through steady state tuning on our Dyno Dynamics, followed by serious horsepower and torque gains by tuning fuel, ignition and both intake and exhaust cams. The result was a 20 horsepower gain, netting 274whp.

While the 2008 350Z was being dyno tuned, Chad arrived from Ohio with his white 2006 ‘panda’ 350Z. It was outfitted with a new Motordyne intake plenum to compliment his intake, headers and exhaust for a free flowing VQ35DE. After the upgrade, it was strapped down to the dyno for the same treatment. The Uprev pro-tuning suite was attached and the ecu calibration was dialed in to Dynosty-spec. The final result was a big gain in power – a very impressive 247whp.

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Stillen Supercharged 2007 Nissan 350Z HR Upgrades

This 2007 Nissan 350Z arrived for a variety of upgrades, and more are already being planned. Stillen’s VQ35HR / VQ37VHR supercharged kit was installed with the Stillen / Uprev reflash, and we strapped it on the Dyno Dynamics to get a baseline. At 7-8psi the Vortech-fed VQ35HR pumped out 329whp (red line on dyno chart).

A smaller pulley was then fitted to the Vortech, but due to Stillen’s design a smaller belt was unavailable (8rib 21inch belt) – so we machined a larger idler pulley which worked perfect to tension the back 8-rib belt. The Stillen / Uprev reflash form of engine management was set aside in favor of a standalone, the Haltech 350Z kit. This was installed on the HR using Dynosty’s VQ35HR Haltech Plug&Play harness. After a dyno tune the 350Z progressed to 400whp (blue line).

For that extra kick, a Nitrous Express dry system was added along with a Haltech CAN IO Box to control it, yielding 431whp (black line).

Stay posted for some winter upgrades including a manual tensioner to prevent front-belt slip, and a built motor as we push this setup even further!

Dyno Dynamics Dyno Chart:

Stillen Supercharged 350Z HR Engine Bay:

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2008 350Z, Greddy 20G, Haltech PNP, 484WHP

Earlier this year we installed a Greddy 20G turbo kit on this 2008 Nissan 350Z, and dyno tuned the stock ecu with Uprev Osiris yielding 425-430whp. Now the car was back for an upgrade to a Haltech 350Z box, with Dynosty Plug and Play VQ35HR harness. We have developed the only plug&play standalone for the VQ35 HR engines, and this was another example of how well the system works. This car arrived first thing in the morning from PA, and we went straight to work on installing the Haltech ECU and a plug&play dual wideband controller. Next, the car went onto our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer and the tune was complete by the end of the day. The end result was a smoother driving vehicle, more consistent tune, proper safety features and best of all – an additional 50+WHP.

2008 Nissan 350Z
Greddy 20G Twin Turbo Kit
Deatschwerks 800CC Injectors and Walbro Fuel Pump
Haltech 350Z ECU with Dynosty VQ35HR Plug&Play Harness
Haltech Dual Wideband Controller

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