2009 370Z Dyno Tuned to 290WHP

Thanks Nathaniel for choosing us for your 370Z dyno tune. Very impressive numbers on our Dyno Dynamics!

2009 Nissan 370Z
Stillen Gen3 Intakes
High Flow Cats
Fast Intentions TDX Dual Exhaust
Dynosty Calibrated ECU

Red = Baseline
Blue = Dynosty calibration, dyno tuned Uprev Osiris

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Dyno Tune vs E-Tune, 15whp Gain

This 2006 350Z came in running an Uprev Osiris E-Tune along with aftermarket intake and exhaust. The baseline dyno on the e-tune revealed the air fuel ratio was too rich at 11.5:1 and the timing was overly advanced to the point of slight knocking. After Hal cleaned up the fuel and timing maps he was able to move onto intake and exhaust camshaft tuning. The final result was 248whp, up 15whp from where it started. This is the perfect example of why you should have your car dyno tuned instead of an email tune.

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