TX2K13 Coverage from Dynosty

If you were unable to attend TX2K13, here are some pictures of what you missed in Houston Texas. The TX2K event continues to grow and is a great time to see fast cars on the road course, dyno, drag strip and the street. As usual, the event featured plenty of heavily modified turbo Toyota Supras, countless Nissan GTRs, twin turbo Lamborghinis, Ferraris and more.

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JDM Supra makes 481whp with Precision 6765

This right hand drive Supra landed at the shop unable to idle and with detonation and misfire issues from a prior tune on the AEM V2 box. Within a few hours we had the plugs gapped properly and the AEM EMS tune dialed in where it starts, idles, and makes 481whp on 93octane pump gas! Looking forward to possible E85 tune in the future to take full advantage of the Precision 6755 turbo.

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