Tony’s 800WHP Honda S2000 Build


The past 5 years brought many changes for this Honda S2000, growing up from a bolt-on Science of Speed Supercharger setup to a 800+HP turbocharged monster! Dynosty was there for every step along the way, starting with a Dynosty Stroker Motor, supercharger upgrades, Haltech standalone engine management installation and tuning, Toyota Supra V160 6speed transmission swap, Suspension and wheel/tire upgrades, Ford rear end swap, Cylinder head upgrades, Flex-Fuel fuel system upgrade and finally Turbocharging! The end result is an absolute monster that spools well and effectively puts the power to the ground at all times. This S2000 is a joy to drive and has massive acceleration in any gear.

Honda S2000’s Modifications include:
Dynosty Built 2.3L Stroker F20 Honda S2000 Engine
Full Race exhaust manifold with Dynosty piping and Front Mount Intercooler
PTE Precision Turbo 6766 Ball Bearing
Dynosty 3″ SS Tig Exhaust with Race Muffler
Hypertune Intake Manifold, custom modified for Dual Fuel Rails and Idle Air Control
Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors x8 fed by Dual Walbro 485 Fuel Pumps
Haltech Platinum S2000 Pro Plugin calibrated by Hal at Dynosty. Includes all factory functions (ac, speedo, tacho etc) plus aftermarket idle air control, 8x injector control, advanced boost by gear control and more.
Toyota V160 Getrag Supra Turbo 6speed Manual Transmission with working Speedometer and Twin Disc clutch
Ford 8.8 IRS Rear End setup by Dynosty and DSS Axles
CCW Wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Tires and custom coilover suspension

Customer Testimonial: Tony T of KY, June 2, 2015:
Dynosty built my s2000 for me . The car is awesome ! Customer service doesn’t stop when you leave the shop. They have called and checked on the car. I had a wideband sensor go out do to age but the guys helped me work the problem out over the phone on the weekend . Did i say what a great job they did . Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in. You are the best!!





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Stroker 350Z Makes 608WHP Effortlessly

Twin 67mm Precision turbos feed this built 4 liter VQ35 engine, and on the minimum boost setting of 16psi it produces 608WHP on our Dyno Dynamics. A collection of nice parts work together to produce a very smooth and drivable powerband as seen on the dyno charts. The customer picked up the car at our facility in Louisville, KY on a Friday night and spent the evening driving around the city with us before driving it home. A very fast street car and a lot of fun to drive!

2006 Nissan 350Z with modifications including:
4L VQ35DE V6 Engine
SFR Headers with Twin 67mm Turbos
Custom Intercooler, Intakes, and Piping
Cosworth Intake Plenum
Twin Pump Fuel System with ID 2000cc Injectors
Exedy Triple Disc Clutch, which ultimately limited power output as it slipped over 800whp
DSS Axles
Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In Standalone EMS, tuned on E85 by Hal at Dynosty

Twin Turbo Stroker Nissan 350Z Dyno Chart:

Twin Turbo Stroker Nissan 350Z Engine Bay:

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Supercharged Stroker S2000 Build

The team just wrapped up this S2000 build, and the results were great: 429whp on 93 octane pump gas. This car came in with the Science of Speed stage 2 supercharger system, making just over 300whp. The stock 2.0L F20C engine was removed and we called on Brian Crower to supply a F20C / F22C 2.47L stroker kit. The block was setup on the machine for factory cylinder liner removal, and we proceeded to install Darton sleeves which were needed for the larger 90mm bore required to achieve 2.47L of displacement. While the engine build was underway, Paxton supplied us with a Paxton 1500 supercharger – a substantial upgrade from the 1220 that was on the vehicle. After everything was reassembled and the engine and supercharger were installed back in the car a few items needed to the be fabricated such as a smaller supercharger pulley, a new intake system and Vortech Mondo bypass valve to vent the boost at redline. Our last change was removing the AEM EMS in favor of the new Haltech HT055050 AP1 Pro Plugin Honda S2000 standalone. Dyno tuning commenced, and the results were quite impressive – especially keeping in mind it’s a 4yclinder on pump gas. The Haltech EMS is much smoother and more consistent than the AEM, which the owner noticed immediately upon test driving the final product.

Upgrade Details:
2001 Honda S2000 AP1 w/ F20C
Dynosty 2.47L Upgrade, using BC Stroker and Darton Sleeves
Paxton Novi 1500 Supercharger
Injector Dynamics ID 1000cc Fuel Injectors
Haltech AP1 S2000 Pro Plug-In Standalone EMS HT055050
Tuned by Hal at Dynosty

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