Dynosty Uprev Dyno Tuned Nissans

Saturday we had the chance to work on and dyno tune two very nice 350Zs. First, Matt arrived with his silver 2008 Nissan 350Z, powered by a VQ35HR with intake and exhaust. With Uprev pro tuner, Hal was able to improve the drivability through steady state tuning on our Dyno Dynamics, followed by serious horsepower and torque gains by tuning fuel, ignition and both intake and exhaust cams. The result was a 20 horsepower gain, netting 274whp.

While the 2008 350Z was being dyno tuned, Chad arrived from Ohio with his white 2006 ‘panda’ 350Z. It was outfitted with a new Motordyne intake plenum to compliment his intake, headers and exhaust for a free flowing VQ35DE. After the upgrade, it was strapped down to the dyno for the same treatment. The Uprev pro-tuning suite was attached and the ecu calibration was dialed in to Dynosty-spec. The final result was a big gain in power – a very impressive 247whp.

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350Z Road Race Season Prep

We enjoy repeat business, and in the case of this 350Z it has been 3 years and it came back for a retune with new mods and 104 octane race gas. The finishing touches were dialed in via our Uprev Pro Tuning suite on this beautiful road-race 350Z on our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. The intake and free-flowing full exhaust worked quite well to achieve 248whp on the custom dyno tuned Osiris reflash and we wish the best luck to him during this season and next as he takes on Nasa Spec Z class.

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