Stroker 350Z Makes 608WHP Effortlessly

Twin 67mm Precision turbos feed this built 4 liter VQ35 engine, and on the minimum boost setting of 16psi it produces 608WHP on our Dyno Dynamics. A collection of nice parts work together to produce a very smooth and drivable powerband as seen on the dyno charts. The customer picked up the car at our facility in Louisville, KY on a Friday night and spent the evening driving around the city with us before driving it home. A very fast street car and a lot of fun to drive!

2006 Nissan 350Z with modifications including:
4L VQ35DE V6 Engine
SFR Headers with Twin 67mm Turbos
Custom Intercooler, Intakes, and Piping
Cosworth Intake Plenum
Twin Pump Fuel System with ID 2000cc Injectors
Exedy Triple Disc Clutch, which ultimately limited power output as it slipped over 800whp
DSS Axles
Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In Standalone EMS, tuned on E85 by Hal at Dynosty

Twin Turbo Stroker Nissan 350Z Dyno Chart:

Twin Turbo Stroker Nissan 350Z Engine Bay:

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100WHP Gain With Haltech Sport 2000

Jo recently purchased this 1993 SC400 with single turbo 1JZ-GTE swap. The car was outfitted with a SAFC and was running poor, puffing black smoke out as it cruised around. The car went onto the dyno to get a baseline – 286whp at 11psi. After wiring in a Haltech Sport 2000, Haltech boost control kit and Haltech wideband controller the SC was strapped back on the dyno for tuning. Hal mapped the fuel and timing and was able to produce an additional 100whp, while making it drive significantly smoother. Final numbers, 385WHP 354TQ.

*Thanks Kenta for photo

Before, with SAFC:

After, with Haltech:

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