All Business Cadillac CTS-V

Late nights paid off for Stephen when we got his supercharged 2011 CTS-V on the dyno rollers to dial in the nitrous and tune. Using a combination of SCT, HP Tuners for logging, and NX Maximizer we were able to achieve 665HP at wheels and 665TQ through the automatic transmission. The setup consists of a pullied CTS-V, cat-delete on the exhaust, and progressive nitrous plate system with standalone fuel system.

Cadillac CTSV 665whp 665wtq at Dynosty

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9 Second 240SX and Supra

The Dynosty team had a great time at the KY Horsepower Shootout, with two street cars in the 9’s. Congrats to Phil B on the new 9.5 best 1/4 time, and Phil J on the 9.7 personal best 1/4 time.

Toyota Supra Single Turbo 9.5 second 1/4 Mile Video:

S13 Nissan 240SX with LS1 Swap and 150 Shot of Nitrous Video includes axle destruction:

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350Z with 100 Shot Nitrous Comparison

Here is a simple comparison of a NA 350Z with Stillen exhaust (red line), and the same car with a NOS 100shot at 3000rpm (blue line). There is still more in it with a tune, but here is how it currently sits after the customer installed the kit. Note, fuel pill was backed down by 2 due to rich condition on 350Z (base fuel pressure is ~52psi).

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