Wheels up at 2014 DSM Shootout

Great seeing customers with the wheels up at the 2014 DSM Shootout in Norwalk this weekend. Big congratulations to Jesse of CDUB for 2nd place in the 4G63 powered orange fox body, and Josh on his new best 9.1 1/4 mile in the black Evo-powered Mustang. Both cars are powered by turbocharged 4G63 engines and Haltech standalone engine management systems.



Credit Guy With Camera Photography

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Evo Powered Mustang

It’s not everyday you see a Ford Mustang powered by a Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 engine, but we were excited to get this on the dyno rollers for engine break-in and tune. With a solid base calibration it was off to the track, where a couple shakedown passes worked out the bugs and then with an easy launch it went 9.8 @ 144mph in the 1/4 mile. More to come as Josh gets more seat time and we turn it up.

The setup consists of a fully built Evo9 4G63 engine with a Masfab custom header and Garrett GT42 turbo. E98 fuel is used, and engine management is a Haltech Pro Plugin with M&W ignition, tuned by Hal at Dynosty.

Evo Mustang engine bay at Dynosty

Evo Mustang Dyno at Dynosty

Here is a video clip Josh sent in of the 9.8 drag pass

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New Haltech Plug&Play for Ford Mustang

Haltech now offers a Plug & Play standalone engine management solution for the 89-95 5.0 and 5.8L Ford Mustangs. Have your Mustang running in top condition with this simple to install standalone solution. Call today to order and schedule your installation and dyno tune.

The Haltech ECU patch loom kit is available for $2177 and includes a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU, Mustang Plug in Patch Harness, USB Programming Cable, Software CD, ECU Quickstart Guide, Mustang Patch Loom Installation Manual.


Haltech Mustang Patch Loom Kit Features:
Sport 2000 ECU & Direct Plug In “Patch Loom” Adapter Harness
Sequential Control for High or Low Impedance Injectors
VE Based Speed Density Tuning (Eliminates Mass Air Meter)
Supports OEM TF Ignition Module or CDI (MSD, M&W, etc..) Ignition
Live Tuning (No Engine-Off waiting to Reflash chip)
Easy and Automatic USB communication with Laptop/PC
Fully Customizable Easy-to-Use Visual Software
Internal Data Logging (Up to 10 Channels, as fast as 200 samples per second)
Anti-lag or Two Step Launch Control (Clutch or Trans brake Activation)
Boost control (Open or Closed loop: Speed, RPM, TPS, Gear and/or Time Based Control)
E85 “Flex Fuel” Compatible (Automatically compensates for E85 Fuel with Optional Flex Fuel Sensor)
Nitrous Control (On/Off RPM, TPS, Temp, and Runtime limits, with Fuel Enrichment & Ignition Retard)
Engine Protection Feature (Fully User Configurable to Save Your Engine)
Soft or Hard Cut Rev Limiter (Fuel OR Ignition Cut)
Wideband O2 Input(s) (Open or Closed Loop Options with “Quicktune”)
EGT Fuel Correction (with optional EGT Kit)
Racepak Compatible (CAN Bus port for direct plug in communication)
Fully Mappable Dual 32×32 Fuel and Ignition Tables
Flat Shift Control (For WOT Shifting)
Electric Fan Control (On/Off or PWM Speed Controlled)
Electric Water Pump (On/Off or PWM Speed Controlled)
Optional: Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp Inputs

HT051470 PS2000 Patch Loom Kit fits Ford Mustang 89-93 (V8 5.0/5.8L)
HT051471 PS2000 Patch Loom Kit fits Ford Mustang 94-95 (V8 5.0/5.8L, Manual trans only)
HT041470 PS2000 Patch Loom Only fits Ford Mustang 89-93 (V8 5.0/5.8L)
HT041471 PS2000 Patch Loom Only fits Ford Mustang 94-95 (V8 5.0/5.8L, Manual trans only)

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