Pump Gas Record from NY based G35

Coming to us from NY, Mark’s 2005 Infiniti G35 arrived with a full tank of 93 octane gasoline. We proceeded to load it on the dyno at our facility in Louisville, KY for a complete dyno tune. After calibrating drivability and low boost tuning, it was time to see what the 3.5L built VQ35 could do. The commands were sent down the line, from Hal to the Haltech, to the boost controller, to the wastegates… and the twin 58mm Precision Turbos were brought up to ~20psi. The result was an impressive, record-setting 742HP at the wheels and 592TQ. Congratulations Mark on a well put together setup and truly impressive numbers on a pump gas 3.5L VQ build.

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas on Dynosty dyno tuning

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas 742WHP dyno chart from Dynosty

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Indiana Group Dyno Tuning

It was great having a group of Nissans and Infinitis drive down from Indiana to our shop in Louisville, KY last weekend for multiple dyno tuning sessions. Good company, good weather, good food and great cars getting tuned made for a nice day at Dynosty. Give us a call if your group is interested in setting up a dyno tuning session or dyno day!

nissan infiniti group at dynosty 2

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