Pump Gas Record from NY based G35

Coming to us from NY, Mark’s 2005 Infiniti G35 arrived with a full tank of 93 octane gasoline. We proceeded to load it on the dyno at our facility in Louisville, KY for a complete dyno tune. After calibrating drivability and low boost tuning, it was time to see what the 3.5L built VQ35 could do. The commands were sent down the line, from Hal to the Haltech, to the boost controller, to the wastegates… and the twin 58mm Precision Turbos were brought up to ~20psi. The result was an impressive, record-setting 742HP at the wheels and 592TQ. Congratulations Mark on a well put together setup and truly impressive numbers on a pump gas 3.5L VQ build.

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas on Dynosty dyno tuning

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas 742WHP dyno chart from Dynosty

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Stealthy Infiniti Makes 600+WHP Pump Gas




This stealthy Infiniti G35 came to Dynosty with a Vortech supercharger wanting more power. We prepared a two step plan to meet the customer’s requests and budget. Phase 1 included a Dynosty built 3.5L VQ35DE engine, turbo kit, minor fuel upgrades, and suspension/wheels/tires. The result is a very solid-footed car that plants over 600 Horsepower to the ground on 93octane pump gas.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 which will include further fuel upgrades to support E85 and more power.

Modifications include:
Dynosty 3.5L VQ35DE Engine with CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, Tomei Cams
Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin 350Z ECU with Wideband Controller and Advanced Boost Control
Dynosty Pro Tune with Advanced Traction Control
Boosted Performance Twin Scroll Turbo Kit with PTE 6766 Turbocharger
Tial Wastegates and Blow Off Valve
Bilstein Coilover Suspension
Enkei Wheels with 315 Wide MT ET Street Radial Tires

Customer Testimonial: Kevin B of IN, January 23, 2014:
Dynosty does excellent work. They are consummate professionals and take the time to help you make the best decisions when upgrading your ride. Hands down best around for Nissan/Infiniti upgrades and tuning.

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440WHP Daily Driver G35 on GT35R

Infiniti G35 powerlab gt35r turbo dyno chart on 93 octane 8psi 440whp 395tq

This G35 is a prime example of a boosted daily driver. A Garrett GT35R turbo provides 8.5psi to the engine, boosting power to 440WHP and 395TQ. Response is quick due to the quick spooling turbocharger, and pulls all the way to redline. Tuning was performed on 93octane pump gas and the G35 has a return fuel system with 1000cc injectors. The Haltech Pro Plugin standalone was tuned by Hal at Dynosty, and has advanced features setup including Overboost Protection, Lean Protection and calibrated Knock Protection that you wouldn’t get with a reflash tune.

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Infiniti G35 Twin Turbo 6speed Build


Last year we installed a custom twin Garrett GTX28 turbo setup on this G35 and managed 583HP at the wheels through a fully built GTM automatic transmission (previous blog post here). The turbo kit had more to give, but the transmission and engine were at their limits. This year the Infiniti G35 coupe returned to us for a fresh VQ35DE motor build, 6 speed manual transmission conversion, suspension upgrades and more. Here are a few pictures of the performance modifications and final dyno results.

Customer Testimonial: Raj D of NC, August 21, 2012:
Many thanks to Hal, Dustin, and the crew at Dynosty for a job well done. How would I rate the experience? They get an A for customer service, A for integrity, A for knowledge/expertise, A for workmanship/quality. Only nick in the armor is that I’d give them a B for meeting time expectations as I ended up missing ZdayZ, though I was warned that that might happen. It was a complex build (details like fuel voltage regulation, oil return, etc I haven’t mentioned among other nice touches) but still I was given hope it would be done in time. They did work hard to try to meet that deadline but they would not release the car half done or untested, and well, the result is what it is. Bottom line, they have earned my trust and my future business.

The car has been tuned to perfection. It starts and drives perfectly – no hiccups, no hesitation – just smooth power to redline. I cannot feel any transmission issues while on the road. It pulls much better up top than it used to, spools just about as quickly, and has so much room to grow.

G35 Twin Turbo Engine Bay with Cosworth VQ35 Intake Plenum

G35 6 Speed Manual Transmission Conversion from Automatic

Bilstein Suspension custom machined for Exotic Air 3″ Piston for front end lift over speed bumps and curbs

RPS Billet Carbon Carbon Twin Disc Clutch and Flywheel

Twin Turbo G35 Dyno Chart Comparison of 93 octane, E85 and exhaust dumps

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G35 build with custom twin GTX turbos: 583whp

We recently completed a “Version 2” build on this Infiniti G35. When the G35 coupe arrived it already had some core components for the build including a built 3.5L VQ35DE engine and a built factory 5speed automatic transmission. Dynosty was selected to remove the JWT twin turbo kit, and fabricate, install and tune a new twin turbo setup featuring tubular manifolds with Garrett GTX turbo technology. The end result was not only increased horsepower output, but also smoother power delivery that continues all the way to redline.

Final Dyno Chart, 583whp on our Dyno Dynamics:

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Widebody G35 Tuned To 523WHP

This beautiful widebody G35 was driven in from New Jersey for the final steps of the build – dyno tuning.
Modifications include a built motor with Eagle rods, Wiseco pistons, JWT S7 262 cams, ARP L19 head studs, Dynosty billet main girdle, ARP manifolds and Blouch-upgraded turbos, Haltech engine management system and more.

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