Fueling Matters! – Updating a Camaro ZL1

We received a call from a client regarding an issue with a tune on his newly acquired ZL1 Camaro. The car was already  modified and sent on the way to the original owner with, lets just call it, a ‘rough’ tune. We can only assume this helped the original owner decide to part ways with the vehicle, and eventually brought Dynosty into the equation. We strapped the 4,000 mile car down to the rollers after evaluating the modifications listed on the original shops build sheet:

Pulley combination good for ~12psi, 1″ 7/8 longtube headers to a catback exhaust, cold air intake, aftermarket camshaft/valvetrain.

The thing that struck us; was the lack of any fueling to help keep this combination safe to romp around on the street. Stock ZL1 fuel pumps can see 650-700whp, ideally we like to see them upgraded as they tend to lose some pressure up top, but the stock injectors are another animal. At WOT we watched AFR climb to a scary 13.5:1 and decided to abort the run. How long exactly was the car being driven like this? We were unsure. We were positive that a call to our friends at Injector Dynamics would solve these issues.

In went a set of their proven ID850s and back on the rollers we went. After a few hours of fine tuning drivability and WOT, Hal finished the dyno session at an impressive 673Whp 652Tq. All on boost levels that could easily be increased with a simple pulley change, offering our client room to grow in the future! We love working with these LSX platforms, looking forward to an exciting spring!



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Ford Raptor Dyno Tune

This 2014 Ford F150 Raptor equipped with the 6.2L V8 engine came in for a dyno tune gained 20WHP over the course of the tuning session. The custom calibration was dyno tuned at Dynosty using HP Tuners Beta tuning platform. Final numbers were 351WHP and 383TQ.



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2014 Camaro SS Dyno Tune Gains 27WHP 25TQ

Dynosty dyno tunes imports and domestics daily in Louisville, KY, and here is one example of a Dynosty calibrated stock computer. This 2014 Camaro SS 1LE came in for a routine dyno tune, seeking to improve drivability, improve fuel economy and safely tune for maximum horsepower. Mission accomplished!

2014 Camaro SS on Dynojet at Dynosty

2014 Camaro SS Dyno tune 417whp 390whp comparison

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LS1 Powered Nissan 240SX S13 Drift Car Tune

Nissan 240SX Drift Car S13 LS1 outside

It was great having Jonathan in with his LS1 powered S13 Nissan 240SX drift car. The LS1 swap included some upgrades including Trick Flow heads, cam, headers and FAST intake manifold. We used HPTuners to recalibrate the stock computer on the dyno, with goals of maximizing performance and reliability. Gains of 10+hp were made over the preexisting tune all while making the LS1 safer to drift. Keep an eye out for this car as an up-and-coming performer.

Nissan 240SX Drift Car S13 LS1 engine bay

Nissan 240SX Drift Car S13 LS1 dyno chart

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LS3 powered Nova On Hot Rod Power Tour

1970 Nova LS3 powered at Dynosty

We had the privilege of tuning this beautifully built 1970 Nova, powered by a Chevrolet LS3 crate engine. Using HP Tuners, we were able to calibrate the fuel and ignition maps on the dyno. Power performance and fuel economy were maximized for cruising and full throttle prior to the car leaving for the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour. The LS3 cranked out 325 horsepower at the wheels and matching torque, all through an automatic transmission. We received word that the car did great on the tour and managed some low 13’s in street trim.

1970 Nova LS3 powered engine bay at Dynosty

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Dyno Tuned Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1

This 1994 Mazda RX7 came to us from Tennessee for a few performance upgrades and a dyno tune. After the upgrades were performed the turbocharged LS1 powered RX7 was strapped to the dyno where Hal proceeded to dial the tune in from scratch using HPTuners with speed density enabled. A Precision Turbo PT6766 provides the air for the relatively stock LS1 engine with ARP head studs. At 14psi the engine produces over 650WHP and TQ on E85, with great horsepower and torque curves. Turbo lag is non existent with this setup that produces 500+tq before 3000rpm – the power comes on quick and hard.

Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1 at Dynosty

Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1 dyno chart

Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1 engine bay

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