BRZ Turbo Build

This BRZ arrived from Pennsylvania for a complete transformation – power, looks and handling were all addressed during it’s one week visit. For power, a Greddy FRS/BRZ Turbo kit and full exhaust was installed and tuned by Dynosty using EcuTek. Power improved from 148whp to 262whp, a 77% increase! To plant the power and improve handling, Bilstein suspension was installed along with new graphite grey Gram Light 57xtreme wheels and tires. The front of the car was outfitted with a Seibon carbon-fiber FRS BRZ hood and a splitter. The rear was rounded out with a new set of tail lights and a carbon fiber diffuser. The end result is a model of well-rounded modifications to improve the performance of the Subaru BRZ.






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Greddy Turbo Scion FR-S Doubles Factory Horsepower

Greddy Turbo Scion FRS at Dynosty

With the installation of a Greddy Turbo Kit on a 2013 Scion FR-S along with supporting mods and dyno tune, we were impressed to achieve 315WHP DynoDynamics, more than double the factory FR-S BRZ wheel-horsepower! The FRS was modified with high performance parts including a Greddy Turbo Kit, Tial blow off valve, Dynosty fuel upgrades (550cc injectors and pump), over pipe, front pipe, and Dynosty tune using EcuTek. The FR-S gas tank was drained of pump gas and filled with E85. Greddy uses a Mitsubishi turbocharger, which is perfectly matched to the FR-S BRZ FA20 engine for rapid spool and practically no lag. This combination helps the lack of power normally found at lower RPM, and is a great street-car turbo kit. See the Greddy FRS Turbo Kit low boost verse high boost comparison below. The Greddy kit utilizes an internal wastegate, so more boost would require modifications to the internal wastegate or upgrading to an external wastegate. This Scion FR-S Turbo Kit fits great, and installs on Subaru BRZ as well.

Scion FR-S Greddy Turbo Kit Low Boost vs High Boost
Greddy Turbo Scion FRS dyno low boost high boost E85 at Dynosty

Scion FR-S Greddy Turbo Kit Engine Bay Picture
Greddy Turbo Scion FRS engine bay at Dynosty

Scion FR-S Greddy Turbo Kit Header Picture
Greddy Turbo Scion FRS header at Dynosty

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Black Friday FRS BRZ Greddy MXP Deals

2013 Black Friday promotions for Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ
Check back next year!

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Upgraded Greddy Turbo 350Z Build Makes 704WHP

A new Greddy 18G twin turbo kit record horsepower was set this week, 704WHP and 650WTQ at 30psi. This 2006 350Z arrived from West Virginia and started with a Greddy TD05 18G twin turbo kit. Build plans were drawn up, including a built motor, billet turbocharger wheels, fuel system and more. As performance parts were selected the power goals inched up. A Dynosty built VQ35 short block was assembled with CP Pistons and Manley turbo tuff rods, ARP main studs, ARP L19 head studs, and a Dynosty head refresh package with Kelford cams. The fuel system was upgraded with Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors fed by a Dynosty stage 2 fuel system and CJM twin pump hanger. Haltech Pro Plugin 350Z standalone was installed along with wideband and boost control, and Hal began the engine break-in program on the dyno, followed by a full dyno tune.

Power comes on extremely fast and provides plenty of torque down low, while continuing to pull to 6500+rpm. After receiving the car and driving it for a day, the customer’s description of ‘absolutely AMAZING’ sums it up nicely.

Customer Testimonial: Aaron G of WV, October 29, 2013:
Very good place to have your car. They treat every car like its their own. Very good quality and clean work. Will do anything for you to help you understand everything that’s going on and walk threw step by step on how to maintain and operate your car. Might take a little longer then your average shop but its well worth the extra time. BIG THUMBS UP




Here is a dyno pull of the twin turbo Nissan 350Z during dyno tuning when it was at 670 wheel horsepower:

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GReddy Turbo Kit for Scion FR-S and BRZ

Just released, the GReddy Tuner Turbo Kit for Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 is now available! This tuner turbo kit gained 93 wheel horsepower at 7psi during Greddy’s dyno testing. Call us to order today, or buy online at

Greddy Turbo Kit front bumper shot for FRS BRZ from FRSMOD

Greddy Turbo Kit parts for FRS BRZ from FRSMOD

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New Greddy PRofec Boost Controller

GReddy is proud to introduce the next evolution in the GReddy PRofec line of electronic boost controllers. This is the latest from Greddy when it comes to controlling the boost output of your turbo or turbos. The new PRofec is compact, powerful and easy to use. The large OLED Display, with a simple two-button / rotary-dial control, make for intuitive operation. An ultra slim controller can display in digital, bar-graph, or graphical modes and can be rotated 180 degree for installation with the included adjustable mount or flush mounted. By separating the display and control unit in the driver’s compartment, from the engine compartment-mounted, waterproof, sensor unit, it makes installation straightforward. Only one thin harness is required to be routed through the firewall. The combination of the new 300kPa (43.5psi) integrated pressure sensor, the more compact solenoid valve and faster CPU processor, provide quicker response and the most stable boost curves yet. The PRofec also maintains popular features like, Lo, Hi, Scramble boost presets, last-boost display, peak-hold recall, warning alert and safety limiter.

Main Features:
Ultra slim Control Unit with large OLED Display
Separated waterproof Sensor Unit, Sensors and Sensor Unit remain in the engine compartment for easy installation
New faster CPU processor & smaller solenoid valve provide quicker response and more stable boost curve
Integrated 300kPa (43.5psi) performance pressure sensor
Intuitive programming and operation with large programing screen and 2-button / Dial knob control
Three boost display modes: Numeric, Bar-Graph, & Graphical
Compatible with actuator-style or external wastegates
LO and HI boost settings, with a third Scramble boost setting
Last Boost as well as, Peak Hold Boost recall
Programmable Audible and visual boost warning feature
Safety Limiter setting for over-boost situations

Greddy PRofec Boost Controller, PN 15500214, MSRP $525.00
Call Dynosty for the best price, 502-384-8882
Available Oct 29, 2012

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2008 350Z, Greddy 20G, Haltech PNP, 484WHP

Earlier this year we installed a Greddy 20G turbo kit on this 2008 Nissan 350Z, and dyno tuned the stock ecu with Uprev Osiris yielding 425-430whp. Now the car was back for an upgrade to a Haltech 350Z box, with Dynosty Plug and Play VQ35HR harness. We have developed the only plug&play standalone for the VQ35 HR engines, and this was another example of how well the system works. This car arrived first thing in the morning from PA, and we went straight to work on installing the Haltech ECU and a plug&play dual wideband controller. Next, the car went onto our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer and the tune was complete by the end of the day. The end result was a smoother driving vehicle, more consistent tune, proper safety features and best of all – an additional 50+WHP.

2008 Nissan 350Z
Greddy 20G Twin Turbo Kit
Deatschwerks 800CC Injectors and Walbro Fuel Pump
Haltech 350Z ECU with Dynosty VQ35HR Plug&Play Harness
Haltech Dual Wideband Controller

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