New Haltech Elite Standalone EMS

We got our hands on the new Haltech Elite standalone engine management and are very excited for this latest Haltech offering. The new Haltech Elite standalone comes in a new case that is submersible, fully waterproof. 8 Fuel Injection Outputs (high or low impedance) and 8 Ignition Ouputs are onboard the Haltech Elite, along with 28 Digital Outputs and 10 Analogue Voltage Inputs. The Haltech Elite comes with an oscilloscope to help quickly identify trigger types and for diagnostics. 6 Engine Position Inputs are on-board the Haltech Elite as well, with extensive trigger support and ability to quickly setup new crank and cam trigger types.

Other features you can look forward to on the new Haltech Elite series engine control:
Drive By Wire Throttle Control
Cruise Control
Quad Cam Control
Knock Control, dual channel
Auto Tune with fuel and ignition learning (short term and long term)
E85 Flex Fuel support adjusts fuel, ignition, boost and more
O2 Air Fuel Control
Idle Control
Closed Loop Boost Control with advanced strategies (boost by gear etc)
Antilag and Launch Control
Datalogging, includes on-board ECU logging, live PC logging, and external USB datalogging
Black Box Logging – additional logging that is always active
Multiple User Logins to restrict areas of the Haltech Elite based on passwords
Engine Protection limits for sensors such as fuel pressure vs target fuel pressure, air fuel ratio lean protection, oil pressure and more
Multiple Profiles on board, up to 4 completely separate calibrations are stored so the Haltech Elite can be used in different vehicles without connecting and changing maps

Haltech Elite will be available March-April 2014. Stay tuned to Dynosty for more information on the Haltech Elite as it becomes available.

Haltech Elite Series Standalone ECU EMS from Dynosty

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New Haltech Plug&Play for Ford Mustang

Haltech now offers a Plug & Play standalone engine management solution for the 89-95 5.0 and 5.8L Ford Mustangs. Have your Mustang running in top condition with this simple to install standalone solution. Call today to order and schedule your installation and dyno tune.

The Haltech ECU patch loom kit is available for $2177 and includes a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU, Mustang Plug in Patch Harness, USB Programming Cable, Software CD, ECU Quickstart Guide, Mustang Patch Loom Installation Manual.


Haltech Mustang Patch Loom Kit Features:
Sport 2000 ECU & Direct Plug In “Patch Loom” Adapter Harness
Sequential Control for High or Low Impedance Injectors
VE Based Speed Density Tuning (Eliminates Mass Air Meter)
Supports OEM TF Ignition Module or CDI (MSD, M&W, etc..) Ignition
Live Tuning (No Engine-Off waiting to Reflash chip)
Easy and Automatic USB communication with Laptop/PC
Fully Customizable Easy-to-Use Visual Software
Internal Data Logging (Up to 10 Channels, as fast as 200 samples per second)
Anti-lag or Two Step Launch Control (Clutch or Trans brake Activation)
Boost control (Open or Closed loop: Speed, RPM, TPS, Gear and/or Time Based Control)
E85 “Flex Fuel” Compatible (Automatically compensates for E85 Fuel with Optional Flex Fuel Sensor)
Nitrous Control (On/Off RPM, TPS, Temp, and Runtime limits, with Fuel Enrichment & Ignition Retard)
Engine Protection Feature (Fully User Configurable to Save Your Engine)
Soft or Hard Cut Rev Limiter (Fuel OR Ignition Cut)
Wideband O2 Input(s) (Open or Closed Loop Options with “Quicktune”)
EGT Fuel Correction (with optional EGT Kit)
Racepak Compatible (CAN Bus port for direct plug in communication)
Fully Mappable Dual 32×32 Fuel and Ignition Tables
Flat Shift Control (For WOT Shifting)
Electric Fan Control (On/Off or PWM Speed Controlled)
Electric Water Pump (On/Off or PWM Speed Controlled)
Optional: Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp Inputs

HT051470 PS2000 Patch Loom Kit fits Ford Mustang 89-93 (V8 5.0/5.8L)
HT051471 PS2000 Patch Loom Kit fits Ford Mustang 94-95 (V8 5.0/5.8L, Manual trans only)
HT041470 PS2000 Patch Loom Only fits Ford Mustang 89-93 (V8 5.0/5.8L)
HT041471 PS2000 Patch Loom Only fits Ford Mustang 94-95 (V8 5.0/5.8L, Manual trans only)

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NEW Haltech 350Z G35 Pro Plug-in – Complete ECU Replacement!

Dynosty and Haltech are proud to announce the new Haltech Platinum 350Z/G35 Pro Plug-In, a complete OEM ECU replacement! This new standalone ecu completely replaces the stock ecu, uses factory sensors, and performs the factory functions including: Drive By Wire allowing the idle, rev limiter and other throttle-related functions to be tuned. OEM Fan Control, allowing low and high speed fan settings. Fuel Pump Control, prime settings for primary pump and staging for additional pumps. AC control. Stock Gauges and Lights, including Tachometer and CEL with advanced CEL diagnostic signaling or use as shift light or knock light. Perfect for your high performance 350Z needs, covering NA to turbo and nitrous applications – this ECU has it all!

Other new features include:
E85 Flex Fuel Support, done right! Run any fuel mixture between gasoline and E98, and Haltech adjusts fuel, ignition and boost appropriately on the fly! Advanced fuel composition tables allow full control of fuel/ignition/boost at each composition level – this is not just a sliding scale style correction.
Antilag Launch Control and Rally – build boost at the line and specify what the allowable acceleration rate is after launching.
4 Additional Inputs and 4 Additional Outputs onboard, with room for more via CAN expansion.

We are currently testing these in house and the 350Zs are driving great! Complete control coupled with live tuning makes tuning easy and perfect drivability.
2003-2006 350Z / G35 6speed Manual Transmission Only. 350Z HR and 370Z ECU coming soon (eta in next 12 months)
Call Dynosty at 502-384-8882 to order your new Haltech 350Z Plug-In ECU today! Call for best pricing.
Wholesale and dealer inquiries welcome.
In-house installation and dyno tuning available, as well as travel tuning.

Update 3/27/12: In stock at Dynosty!

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AEM Infinity EMS

Coming soon: AEM debuted their new Infinity standalone EMS at SEMA 2011. AEM set out to be the best on this one with a no expense spared spec sheet, this ECU is something to look forward to. The ‘Infinity’ universal engine management system will be sold with application specific plug and play harnesses for cars such as the Nissan 350Z, Toyota Supra and more, while others can use a universal wiring harness to incorporate this standalone ems. The AEM Infinity EMS is new from the ground up, and boasts many powerful features including VE tuning, dual drive-by-wire throttle body control, quad cam control, flex fuel support, traction control based on wheel speed or engine acceleration, electronic turbo wastegate boost control, data logging, two-step, three-step, anti-lag and more!

AEM Infinity pricing should be around MSRP $2300, PN 30-7100. EMS details below the picture.

Details on the AEM Infinity ECU:
12 Peak-and-hold Injectors Drivers
10 Ignition Outputs
23 Analog Inputs
8 Digital Inputs
10 Low Side Drivers
3 High Side Drivers
2 Internal Wideband AFR Controllers
2 Adaptive Knock Channels
4 Cam Control
Idle Control
Boost Control
Traction Control
Two-Step, Three-Step, Antilag
Dual Fuel Pump Control
Dual Fan Control
4-Stage Nitrous Control
Advanced 1KHZ Datalogging and Analysis, includes 2GB Flash Drive Standard (32GB Max)

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