New AEM Compact 65mm E85 Fuel Pump flows 310LPH for FRS BRZ GTR EVO

AEM 50-1210 310lph 65mm Fuel Pump kit

AEM releases a new 310lph E85-Compatible High Flow Fuel Pump for FR-S BRZ, EVO X, WRX STi, R35 GT-R and more! The new AEM fuel pump is for high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles, and flows 310 lph (82 gph) at 43 PSI. This AEM fuel pump is a direct replacement for the Nissan R35 GT-R (requires 2 pumps), Mitsubishi EVO X, 2008-’12 Subaru WRX STi, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, 2002-’06 Acura RSX/RSX-S and many other popular enthusiast applications. Its compact, short body design (65mm length) also makes it ideal in universal applications that have fuel tanks with tight tolerances. Compact 39mm diameter fits most applications. Offset inlet design eases installation, and the fuel pump kit includes a wiring harness, pre filter and O-rings. Every 50-1210 AEM 310lph E85-compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump is tested to flow 310 lph at 43 PSI before it is packaged for sale.

AEM’s 310lph E85-compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump features robust internal construction that is designed to withstand the low lubricity characteristics of ethanol and methanol fuels. It is tested to work with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline.

Current draw vs. fuel pressure chart:
AEM 50-1210 310lph 65mm Fuel Pump flow chart

AEM 310lph E85-compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Features (PN 50-1210):
Tested and compatible with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline
Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
Each pump is tested to flow 310 lph @ 43 PSI
Compact body (39mm diameter x 65mm length)
Offset inlet design eases installation
Kit includes fuel pump, wiring harness, O-rings and pre filter

Available for purchase online at

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761WHP RHD Toyota Supra

Dynosty was happy to get this Supra together and on the dyno to the tune of 761WHP on our Dyno Dynamics. The motor is stock with head studs and cams, and boost is provided by a Precision Turbo. The tune was performed by Hal at Dynosty on AEM using E85 for fuel. The fuel system consists of dual Bosch 044 pumps in tank and ID2000cc fuel injectors. Watch out for this Supra!

White Toyota Supra 2JZGTE at Dynosty

Supra Dyna 761WHP

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AEM Infinity EMS

Coming soon: AEM debuted their new Infinity standalone EMS at SEMA 2011. AEM set out to be the best on this one with a no expense spared spec sheet, this ECU is something to look forward to. The ‘Infinity’ universal engine management system will be sold with application specific plug and play harnesses for cars such as the Nissan 350Z, Toyota Supra and more, while others can use a universal wiring harness to incorporate this standalone ems. The AEM Infinity EMS is new from the ground up, and boasts many powerful features including VE tuning, dual drive-by-wire throttle body control, quad cam control, flex fuel support, traction control based on wheel speed or engine acceleration, electronic turbo wastegate boost control, data logging, two-step, three-step, anti-lag and more!

AEM Infinity pricing should be around MSRP $2300, PN 30-7100. EMS details below the picture.

Details on the AEM Infinity ECU:
12 Peak-and-hold Injectors Drivers
10 Ignition Outputs
23 Analog Inputs
8 Digital Inputs
10 Low Side Drivers
3 High Side Drivers
2 Internal Wideband AFR Controllers
2 Adaptive Knock Channels
4 Cam Control
Idle Control
Boost Control
Traction Control
Two-Step, Three-Step, Antilag
Dual Fuel Pump Control
Dual Fan Control
4-Stage Nitrous Control
Advanced 1KHZ Datalogging and Analysis, includes 2GB Flash Drive Standard (32GB Max)

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