Scion FR-S with 3SGE BEAMS Swap

Scion FR-S with 3SGE BEAMS Engine Swap engine bay

Dustin’s Scion FR-S received a BEAMS 3SGE engine swap just in time for TX2K15. Days before departure the turbo kit was coming together. Hours before departure it was loaded on the dyno for a full tune. A few days and 2000 miles later it was returning home from it’s successful maiden voyage from Kentucky to Houston TX.

Coming from a Toyota MR2, Dustin was very familiar with the 3S engine series. The BEAMS variant was an obvious choice for his FR-S engine swap, combining the solid cast iron inline 4 cylinder block with an improved cylinder head featuring dual cam control. Once the engine was in place planning began for the rest of the setup. A custom turbo manifold feeds a Precision Turbo 5866 billet turbo, which feeds a custom RacerX/Dynosty intake manifold. The FR-S was originally equipped with Drive By Wire, and that feature was retained and improved upon with a larger throttle body and a Haltech Elite 2500 standalone engine management system. The Haltech Elite 2500 has standalone control of the engine, and flawlessly runs the dual cam control, drive by wire, knock control and more.

The BEAMS 3SGE swapped Scion FR-S is just getting started at 330WHP on low boost and 93 octane pump gas – which would be near the limit on the stock boxer FA20 engine found in the FR-S. Check out the dyno chart and video below, and stay tuned for more updates as we increase boost, rev limiter, and setup flex fuel for E85 tuning.

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Scion FR-S with 3SGE BEAMS Engine Swap dyno chart

3S-GE BEAMS FR-S Dyno from Dynosty on Vimeo.

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3SGE powered MR2 lays it down

Impressive results from this turbocharged 1995 Toyota MR2: 405whp 312tq (or 450+whp for Dynojet comparison). This was achieved on a stock 3SGE (nonturbo) engine using E85 fuel and a finely-tuned Haltech Sport 1000 EMS. Modifications below.

MR2 Turbo Dyno Dynamics Chart:

MR2 Modifications:

Stock (unopened) 3SGE with Dynosty coolant neck

RMR Side Feed Intake Manifold
Dynosty Top Mount Turbo Manifold
Garrett GT2871R Turbo with Tial Stainless Steel Vband Inlet Housing
Greddy Style Side Mount Intercooler
Dynosty 3″ Downpipe
Berk Exhaust

Dynosty Fuel System
Injector Dynamics ID1000s
Walbro 400lph Fuel Pump

Engine Management:
Haltech Sport 1000 Standalone
Haltech Wideband Controller
Haltech Boost Control Kit
Dynosty Mil Spec Engine Harness
350z Ignition Coils
Tuned by Hal at Dynosty

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