Products & Services


Performance Parts and Installation

Dynosty offers an honest assessment of parts and options available to you. Our on-track experience with major brands is valuable in determining the most reliable arrangement for your vehicle. We purchase direct from most manufacturers – please contact us for best pricing and purchasing needs.

Our broad experience includes basic installations like exhaust and intakes, to more involved projects like engine internals and turbo upgrades. Achieve maximum results with installation by the pros at Dynosty.

Dynosty is proud to introduce, a website dedicated to Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 parts complete with online ordering.

Complete Engine Builds

We offer the highest quality engine builds. From street applications to full race setups, we have the skills to achieve your goals. Everyone’s needs and budgets are different, and we will work with you to develop a custom plan. In combination with our installation and dyno tuning services, we can handle your project from start to finish.

Dyno Pulls and Tuning

Dyno tuning is the key to delivering the maximum amount of power and ensuring safety and reliability. Since each car is unique and every car has a different collection of modifications, a custom dyno tune ensures the best outcome.

Our services range from 3-pull baseline readings on our industry-leading Dynojet Load Control dynamometer with wideband AFR readout, to full standalone calibrations. For full calibrations, we make a few initial pulls to get a base line reading and then optimize air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, cam timing, idle, drivability, rev limiter and more. We will find the best combination of performance and reliability for your specific needs.

In addition to dyno tuning at our Louisville, KY facility, we are also available for on-site tuning at your location, as well as remote tuning over high speed internet connections for customers around the world.

We have experience and are factory trained on the following engine management systems:
AEM EMS & AEM Infinity Factory Trained, COBB Tuning, EcuTek RaceRom Master Tuner, Haltech Platinum and Elite Pro Tuner, Holley EFI Pro Tuner, HPTuners, Link, MoTeC, Uprev and much more!

Maintenance and Repair

Diagnosing and repairing modified vehicles takes a special set of skills and knowledge to cure both mechanical and electrical issues. You can feel confident trusting the pros at Dynosty to quickly get you back on the street or track.