Just What The Doctor Ordered

Through the years working with the VQ platforms, we find the same common complaints:

My girlfriend’s leaving me because I have too many instagram followers now.

My Dad disowned me because I slayed his C4 Corvette at the local 1/8th mile track.

It needs just a touch more power to be an all around killer.

ASKKKK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! We had the opportunity to get Banji’s GTM (now Gamma motors) supercharger equipped G37 on the rollers this past week, and the results were very impressive. Baseline numbers with a canned/shelf/basemap/Etune/DontWantToGoToTheDynoMap ¬†came in at a weak sauce 430~whp. When you spend $10,000 on a blower kit and make 430whp, it can be very demoralizing. To alleviate this, we chained Hal up in the driver’s seat with his laptop to work some #halibration magic. Final numbers came out to over 480whp, a huge jump over where it began! Good luck on your move to Texas Banji! Have some fun with the street cars out there!


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