Holley Brings Brushless Pumps To New Levels

Holley has been around the block in the performance industry. They have an incredible R&D department, highly skilled engineers, a high level of quality control, and a tight grip on responding to enthusiast needs. That being said, we always take great pride in working with them directly. Resident Holley media coordinator Alex, brought us his F Body for some calibration utilizing Holley’s Dominator EFI system.

Holley1.1 Holley1.2

It was quickly apparent that we would surpass the abilities of his Magnafuel 750 pump, and need an upgrade to reach his goals. We reached out to Alex as his car was climbing beyond 800whp with the information we had. A few calls later and Alex was on his way from Bowling Green to Louisville, with the worlds first and only Ultra Dominator fuel pump. We’re talking dual -10 AN inlets, 3000hp capable, as quiet as possible, one of the sleekest designs on the market. This pump comes with it’s own standalone controllers, and a level of craftsmanship NASA could learn from.

Check out this link for some great info from LSXTV : PRI 2015: Holley’s New Brushless Fuel Pumps and Controller

Holley1 Holley2

After a few talks with Colin (Holley’s number one parts guru) we had everything needed to set this thing up for some killer dyno pulls. Our shop foreman Brock was able to knock out the install on the unit, which we proudly showcase below. The pump-specific regulator required a custom bracket to be made in place of his previous unit, which any DIYer can knock out. The wiring portion of the pump was extremely straight forward. Utilizing dual relays, we are able to trigger this bad boy on with the ECU. From a noise standpoint, the pump is a bit louder than an in tank pump, but nowhere near the likes of an A1000 Aeromotive. We also sourced all new -16 AN line and fittings to give his air to water tank a better seal, as well as a ball valve for easy draining on track days!

Alex1 Alex3 Alex4

Stay tuned for dyno updates as well as engine bay pictures. This thing is going to shake the rafters!



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