New FR-S BRZ Titanium Exhausts from Tomei

Tomei just released their new line of light-weight Titanium performance exhaust systems for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Options exist for street and race applications, naturally aspirated and forced induction high performance. We recommend the 80mm 3″ titanium exhaust for turbo and supercharged FR-S BRZ applications.

Tomei FR-S BRZ TYPE-60S Performance Exhaust PN 440019
Tomei FR-S BRZ TYPE-60R Performance Exhaust PN 440020
Tomei FR-S BRZ TYPE-80 Performance Exhaust PN 440021
Retail $1099

Tomei FR-S BRZ Cat Straight Pipe PN 431005
Retail $390

Tomei Type60s titanium exhaust for frs brz

Tomei Type60r titanium exhaust for frs brz

Tomei Type80 titanium exhaust for frs brz

Tomei titanium cat straight pipe for frs brz

Detailed exhaust information for Tomei Expreme titanium exhaust including weight and sizes:

STD Standard TYPE-60R TYPE-60S TYPE-80
MATERIAL Titianium Ti Ti
MAIN PIPE DIAMETER 54mm / 2.13″ 60.5mm / 2.38″ 60.5mm / 2.38″ Φ80.0 / 3.15″
MAIN PIPE THICKNESS 1.2mm 1.0mm 1.0mm 1.0mm
SILENCER DIAMETER Φ100/350 x 190mm (Oval) Φ115/- Φ115/ Φ115 Φ115/ Φ152
EXIT DIAMETER Φ56 (90 x 75mm/10°Angle Cut Oval Shaped) 105mm / 4.5″ 105mm / 4.5″ 105mm / 4.5″
EXIT THICKNESS 1.0mm (R2.5 Curl) 1.0mm (R4 Curl) 1.0mm (R4 Curl) 1.0mm
FLANGE THICKNESS 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 8.0mm
WEIGHT 17.4kg / 38 lbs 4.6kg / 10 lbs 6.4kg / 14 lbs 7.3kg / 16 lbs
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