Dyno Tuned Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1

This 1994 Mazda RX7 came to us from Tennessee for a few performance upgrades and a dyno tune. After the upgrades were performed the turbocharged LS1 powered RX7 was strapped to the dyno where Hal proceeded to dial the tune in from scratch using HPTuners with speed density enabled. A Precision Turbo PT6766 provides the air for the relatively stock LS1 engine with ARP head studs. At 14psi the engine produces over 650WHP and TQ on E85, with great horsepower and torque curves. Turbo lag is non existent with this setup that produces 500+tq before 3000rpm – the power comes on quick and hard.

Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1 at Dynosty

Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1 dyno chart

Mazda RX7 with Turbo LS1 engine bay

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