Turbo Testing on Track Mazda Miata

In an interesting twist to a track Miata, Scott chose to try a rear mount turbo for track use. His goal was increasing engine horsepower while keeping under-hood temperatures as low as possible.
Build details include:
02 1.8L VVT Engine swap
CT26 Turbo, rear mount with twin wastegates for boost control as low as 3psi

Mazda Miata MX5 1.8 VVT Turbo Haltech on Dynosty dyno

Mazda Miata MX5 1.8 VVT Turbo Haltech engine and turbo

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742whp, 93 octane, Magazine Cover Model: Mark’s G35


Mark’s G35 came to us some time ago for a complete Haltech tune. This 3.5L VQ35 is powered by a set of 58mm turbochargers, to the tune of 742whp. Check out the feature in Apex Magazine below!


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Todd’s 778whp Street Missile

Todd gave us a buzz all the way from Nebraska with (what was only supposed to be) tuning needs. The vehicle arrived at our doors and we got to work. We loaded it on the dyno and within a few higher boost pulls, we noticed the ol’ girl was pushing some coolant.

We dialed up Todd to deliver the news every shop hates to relay, and we were back at the drawing board….

A few weeks later, we had a fresh block, crank, pistons, and rods waiting for assembly.



Skipping to the meat and potatoes; we can go over the pertinent info concerning the build:

****Dynosty Short Block Package, including new ACL bearings, Align Hone, Polish Crank, Balance and Blueprint, Bore and Hone with Torque Plate, Deck, Wash and Dynosty Pro Assembly to Dynosty Specs. Featuring Manley Platinum Pistons, Carillo Rods, all QUALITY components.

****SP Twin Turbo Kit, utilizing Precision billet-wheel 58mm turbos, Precision Wastegates

****Custom Dynosty Fuel system, using CJM twin pump hanger, ID2000 injectors

****Tilton triple disc Clutch

****Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, Custom Dynosty Traction Package and Calibration.




Our attention to detail includes even the smallest of concerns.

Safety wiring bolts, locking hardware, new gaskets throughout. All very important steps when building a reliable street car.







Now that we’ve gone over the basics, we filled the tank up and strapped it to the rollers. At just 21psi, we capped 778whp. We turned it up for a higher pull netting 806whp/664tq. We pulled it off the rollers and put it on the street to dial in our proprietary traction control system. Utilizing a complete custom mapping procedure, we are able to put every available horsepower to the ground through any given pull. Calculating wheel slip and plotting necessary changes to the tune-up is a timely process, but well worth it when our clients are outpacing the competition. 

778  tk2 tk3 tk4

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Product Spotlight: ARP Fasteners

Peace Of Mind: Priceless

ARP Fasteners offers racers the absolute best in reliability and performance. From 300hp builds, to 2000hp+, ARP gets the job done. Dynosty utilizes ARP fasteners in every one of our engine rebuilds. Their head studs are unmatched in quality. Many people float the idea of running Chinese, off brand fasteners, and 9 times out of 10, they come back to the light. We offer a complete lineup of ARP products, and are happy to offer group buys, package discounts, and custom orders. From mild to wild, we’ll set you straight!



From the ARP Family:

They say that to be successful you must identify a need and satisfy it. Back in 1968 racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel saw that many of his friends’ broken engines were caused by fastener failure.

At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the challenge. So Holzapfel called upon his many years of fastener making experience for a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP (Automotive Racing Products).

In the ensuing years, the firm has grown from what was literally a backyard garage workshop into a highly diversified manufacturer with five operational entities in Southern California with a combined area in excess of 200,000 square feet. These include forging, machining, finishing and packaging/warehousing facilities in Santa Paula and Ventura, California.

There is even a unique racing-themed restaurant at the main Santa Paula facility – called “Hozy’s Grill” – which is open to the public.

Today, ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline. These range from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing and marine applications.

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Product Spotlight: ECUtek Tuning Technology



The days of piggyback computers (*cough*SAFC,VAFC,Greddy E-Manage*Cough*) are long behind us. The turn that technology has taken in regards to tuning engine parameters is leaps and bounds ahead of where we once were. The ability to intricately adjust timing events and fueling has changed the face of aftermarket performance. Precisely changing values to suit the modifications of a vehicle is a necessity, and creation is bred from necessity. For the GT-R, 370z, BRZ, and FR-S chassis; Dynosty elects to utilize ECUtek tuning suites as it’s workhorse.

Take a look at some of the features offered to the 370z platform, and feel free to contact us for your appointment!

  • Map Switching
    Rev counter indication of the four different map switch modes
  • Flat Foot Shift
    Full throttle gear changes (Manual Transmission models only)
  • Speed Density
    MAP sensor based tuning with VVEL compensation
  • RaceROM Controller
    Use the cruise control switch gear for adjusting calibration
  • Knock Warning
    Check engine light flashes when knocking is detected                        
  • Per Gear Rev Limit
    A different rev limit in each gear        
  • Custom Maps
    Create a map to do almost anything!            
  • Launch Control
    Adjustable Launch RPM using the cruise control (Manual Transmission models only)
  • Traction Control
    Adjustable traction control using custom maps   
  • Boost Control
    Closed loop boost control using custom maps    
  • Flex-Fuel
    Ethanol flex-fuel tuning using custom maps      
  • AFR Control
    Closed loop target AFR control using custom maps
  • Fail-Safe
    Protect the engine from any dangerous situations
  • Gauge Hijack
    Display lambda, AFR, fuel trims or ethanol content on the oil temp gauge
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Product Spotlight: Precision Turbochargers



If you’re in the pits, the stands, behind the wheel, or bent over an engine bay; chances are you’ve come across a Precision Turbo powered vehicle. Their track record is only outmatched by their commitment to service. Something that Dynosty abides by as well. Precision products are assembled stateside, by some good ol’ boys in Indiana. From journal bearing to ball bearing, cast wheels to billet wheels, and everything in-between. There are dozens of factory replacement turbochargers available, as well as standalone race units.

For a complete price list and details, contact sales at the email address and phone number below.


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3-Peating in Style! Dynosty Tuned 7 Second DSM


Welcome to the 7 second club Aaron!

We wanted to take a minute to offer a HUGE CONGRATS to our friend and sponsored driver Aaron from CDub Racing! He went out to the 2016 DSM/EVO shootout  and ran the rounds. Came home with a new personal best, and some hardware to add to his collection!!

Happy to play a small part in this operation! Aaron picked up almost .5 from his personal best to an ET of 7.96, all utilizing a Haltech ECU Elite series EMS. Check our Facebook video section for footage of Hal tuning this killer a few weeks back!

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Taking The Win: IFO Indianapolis

This time last year our drag car was stuck in the 9’s. A chassis that didn’t want to cooperate, a torque converter that wasn’t responding to our needs, and a suspension setup for a car with 1/2 the power we’re working with.

The first step to moving ETs South, remedy all these issues. We sent the chassis to a well known shop in Indiana, we proudly represent the work they did on the sunroof delete at every stop on the IFO leg. If you get a chance to see us in person, ask us for our YELP review of the service we received, we’re happy to indulge with our opinion. Take a look for yourself, we think you’ll be thoroughly impressed.





That passive aggressive picture post made me feel so much better….After the 6 months of chassis jail was up, we had some real help from the boys at Import Drag Solutions and PTC Torque Converters. The coilovers we had used last season came off, and on went a set of IDS conversion brackets and Viking shocks. The combo continues to prove it’s worth, and the guys at IDS are KILLING it with the support. Contact us for ordering, we are an authorized dealer and installer! The converter was a huge change as well, getting on the 2 step is a breeze now, and the car is working 100x better.



The Indianapolis IFO event was a blast. We were in the pits with all of our friends, all working towards a common goal. Aaron Gregory came out with his DSM, after a switch to new fuel and a few chassis updates. We had it on the rollers a couple weeks prior and knew first hand this thing was ready to EAT. In qualifying, on 10-15psi less boost than last year, he was already within .2 seconds of his best ET yet, throwing up 8.50s like nothing.


A few more snaps from the day:




We went rounds all day, consistently turning mid 8 second passes. We hit a new personal best, 8.41 @ 169mph, before heading into the finals against Aaron and his DSM. The final round was called and we sat with Aaron on the tree. Managed to edge out the win, but by a margin of victory  you’d miss if you blinked. It was just .01 that separated us at the finish line. Check out the link below for a video recap!




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1BDTOY-765hp Tundra Takes Texas To Town

A couple months back, we had a client (John) reach out to us on proper EMS and nitrous tuning for his Toyota Tundra. At that time we had a good amount of these killers under our belt and had a niche market with Tundra customers domestic and abroad. John wanted a street truck that he could smack Corvettes around with, and still daily drive as he saw fit. The combination that left our building will 100% provide these requests!

The Nitty Gritty:

-6.2L Built 3UR

-IPT Transmission, truck converted to 2WD 

-TRD Supercharger ~6psi (baby boost)

-Direct Port Nitrous Kit (currently utilizing as a dry kit)

-Haltech Elite 2500 Computer system with Custom Dynosty harness and installation

-Tuned by our captain and commander, Sir Hal of Powershire.

Final numbers on this combination stunned the Tundra community. We were able to squeeze 765whp and 776tq out of the truck, on a small 160 shot. We sent the truck on it’s way back to Mr. John this week, awaiting track times to remote in and turn it up! See if we can’t nab the world record for a crew cab Tundra in the 1/4 mile! Big thank you to the owner of this vehicle for his patience through the process and letting us complete the build. We had a few bumps in the road, some late nights with R&D to get the combo complete, but we are beyond satisfied with the street manners the truck has now! Can’t wait to see it tear the streets up!

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Through the years working with the VQ platforms, we find the same common complaints:

My girlfriend’s leaving me because I have too many instagram followers now.

My Dad disowned me because I slayed his C4 Corvette at the local 1/8th mile track.

It needs just a touch more power to be an all around killer.

ASKKKK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! We had the opportunity to get Banji’s GTM (now Gamma motors) supercharger equipped G37 on the rollers this past week, and the results were very impressive. Baseline numbers with a canned/shelf/basemap/Etune/DontWantToGoToTheDynoMap  came in at a weak sauce 430~whp. When you spend $10,000 on a blower kit and make 430whp, it can be very demoralizing. To alleviate this, we chained Hal up in the driver’s seat with his laptop to work some #halibration magic. Final numbers came out to over 480whp, a huge jump over where it began! Good luck on your move to Texas Banji! Have some fun with the street cars out there!


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