Twin Turbo Tundra 549whp

Marshall Motorsports brought their twin turbo 2007 Tundra by for tuning this week. The 5.7L Toyota 3UR-FE engine was fed by twin Precision Turbo 6262 turbochargers. The transmission was upgraded with a Marshall Motorsports valve body upgrade and torque converter. Other modifications include a Walbro 485 fuel pump and ID 1000cc fuel injectors. A Haltech engine management system was installed including Platinum Sport 2000 standalone, Haltech boost control, and Haltech dual channel wideband. A low boost map was setup on 93 octane pump gas, followed by high boost 9-10psi on E85. Dyno tuning resulted in the Tundra producing 549whp and just over 550tq on our Dyno Dynamics.

Twin Turbo Toyota Tundra Dyno Video:

Dyno Chart at 9-10psi


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